Most Friendly Countries In The World To Visit

Most Friendly Countries In The World

There are times you are on vacation and decided to travel to some part of the world to spend your vacation. There are many friendly countries in the world you can spend your vacation. The kind of welcome you receive in a country can make or mar your trip. When you are in a place where you are appreciated you will feel wanted.

If you are thinking of traveling to a country where you can have fun, you can travel to one of these countries I will be listed below.

Most Friendly Countries In The World To Visit 2022

1. Scotland

Most Friendly Countries In The World

 Scotland was once voted as one of the friendliest countries in the world. Scotland was the first European country to appear top ten friendliest countries in the world.

Scotland is known for its nice environment, they also have nice relaxation centers where they love to have fun.

Scottish are known to be funny, they love to crack jokes and they laugh at one another jokes. They rarely get angry and you can hardly see them fight. They are also known for storytelling. Little wonder it was rated the friendliest in the world.

2. Ireland

Ireland is another country you can spend your vacation.  It has one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Ireland is full of loving and generous people, you can’t help but just fall in love with them. It is full of people who welcome strangers as if they’ve known them for years.

Ireland is also full of people who joke a lot,  you can’t leave there without having at least one friend.

Ireland is also filled with relaxation centers, which is also filled with friendly people

3. Thailand

Thailand is known as the “land of smiles,” this may be true because Thailand is known to be full of friendly people. especially when you get to their cities, you will see different types of tourist centers like Phuket and Bangkok.

Thailand also has relaxation centers like beaches, islands, shopping complexes, and bars.

4. Canada

Canada is well-known for its friendliness.  The nation is full of friendly and nice people.

Canadians are also known for their several apologies, if they bump into you, they will apologize. They understand one another you can hardly hear them quarrel.

Canada also has different tourist and relaxation centers where you have fun and get to meet new friends

List Most Friendly Countries In The World To Visit 2022

5. Norway

Norway is an amazing country. It was once ranked the most peaceful country in the world. Norway has a lot of unique characters. They welcome their guests in a special way that makes the guests always promise to come again.

Norway is known for its fjord-indented coastline, mountains, ski resorts, lakes, and woods. Traveling in Norway is hassle-free and very convenient for tourists.

6. Portugal

Portugal is a nice place to spend one’s vacation. It is known for Its cool weather and beautiful beaches.

Portugal has music and dance festivals that run all through the year.

Portuguese are also caring and generous, everyone who has visited them has commented on how friendly and hospitable they can be.  They practically inconvenience themselves, just to make their guests comfortable.

7. Brazil

Brazil is known for its warm weather, the legendary pristine beaches, the Amazonian rain forest trails, and the annual Carnival.

Brazilians are known to be open, friendly, and exceedingly great people. They are always happy, always smiling, and incredibly hospitable. You can hardly go there without making a friend, and once you make a friend, you have a friend for life as they keep checking on you even after you have left. There are lots of other reasons to visit Brazil too, including its

8. Japan

Japan is one of the friendliest countries in the world, it is rich in culture, it has beautiful cultural destinations.

Japanese are known for self-discipline. When you are in Japan, you would feel like a celebrity, due to the way the Japanese would treat you. They respect and honor everyone they come across.

Japan also has tourist centers you would want to see when you go there such as Himeji Castle, Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto, etc. Kyoto has countless numbers of tourists annually.

 9. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is another friendly nation, it is known for tourism. It has a global center of finance and culture.

The UK is also has a lot of relaxation centres where people can go to relax, there are bars and pubs around for everyone to relax and have fun.

Sunderland, a city in Uk is ranked fourth for happiness, almost all residents are satisfied with their cost of living.

Uk is also rich in culture. There are fantastic cultural destinations around the country, such as museums to keep records of ancient artworks. It is also known for entertainment as the oldest cinema is situated there. The first film in Europe was shot in Leeds, a city in Uk thereby giving it a historical record.

Therefore, traveling to the United Kingdom for vacation won’t be a problem as you will be having a whole lot of fun!

10. Morocco

Morocco is another friendly country in the world. They are nice to strangers, they show strangers around the city, give them a nice treat. You would think they have known them for years,

Moroccans have nice languages and customs, they have a rich culture. It is filled with nice citizens, their culture is based on being generous and sharing with others.

5 Unfriendly Country In The World

There are some countries in the world you are advised not to go to, because of their level of violence, insecurity, criticism, etc.

I will give you the list of countries you shouldn’t travel to.

1. Afghanistan

Afghanistan is the presently most dangerous country in the world. Afghanistan has remained in this position from 2020 down to 2022.

It has the highest number of deaths from war and terrorism of any other country in the world.

2.  North Korea

North Koreans are known for their harsh level of government. A travel ban was placed on them years back when an imprisoned American boy was returned to his country a week later in a coma state.

3. Syria

Syria is widely known for their criminal activities and violence, which ranges from Killing, Kidnapping, and terrorism. Syria also provides support for some terrorists.

4.  Somalia

Somalia is facing problems as a country such as health issues, civil violence, kidnapping, bombing.

Somali pirates seize ships off the coast of Somalia,  robbing the ships or holding the crew and passengers hostage in exchange for ransom.

 5.  Iraq

Iraq is known for their internal and external conflicts, they are suffering from terrorist attacks


There are different friendly countries you can see your vacation if you don’t want to spend it in your country. The most friendly countries in the world have been listed above.

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